Amsterdam-based merchant bank Kempen & Co receives three awards

The WeConvene Extel Awards were announced today. These awards are known as the financial industry equivalent of the Oscars. Kempen & Co received awards in the Benelux and Real Estate categories, which are relevant to this Amsterdam-based merchant bank. Listed European real estate companies voted Kempen Europe’s number one broker for the third year in a row. 

  • #1 Benelux Trading & Execution 
  • #1 European Real Estate - based on corporate votes
  • #3 European Real Estate - based on client votes

Top position

According to Anko Gerlofs, managing director of Kempen & Co Securities, the results predominantly reflect recognition of Kempen’s position in the market. ‘We are a European broker with a specific focus on niche markets. In this type of market, investors and companies make an informed choice in favour of an expert who has a long track record and has built up a solid network in a particular niche. The quality of Research is essential but in difficult markets the quality of Trading & Execution is as important to give clients the ability to find liquidity. In all of the categories in which we participate in this international competition, our people and our teams rank in the top five. That makes us proud’.
In addition to the overall awards, Kempen & Co Securities received two individual #1 positions: #1 Benelux Equity Sales and #1 Benelux Trading & Execution. Both these awards represent a continuation of last year’s results.   
Gerlofs is happy with the consistency reflected in the Extel results. ‘These results demonstrate our consistent ability to deliver top quality over the years. More important than winning awards, in my opinion, is that we rank among the top, every year that we participate in Extel. In our line of business, continuity and commitment are of inestimable value.’
Over 2.605 asset managers, 918 quoted companies and 279 brokers participated in the survey.

Press release: Amsterdam-based merchant bank Kempen & Co receives three awards (pdf)

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